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Mohammed Al Habtoor

In December of 1999, I received an invitation to attend an exhibition match which Barclays had sponsored at the Desert Palm Polo Club. My brother Rashid K Al Habtoor was playing in this match. As a courteous gesture, I accepted the invitation from Barclays Bank.

The exhibition was great with such a lively atmosphere. Whilst I was watching the match I was seated next to Mr. Ali Albwardy. We starting chatting and he somehow convinced me to learn how to play Polo. The very next day I came to the polo club eager to learn this sport, I already had a vast knowledge of horse riding. I started immediately and within seconds I was given a Mallet and began learning different methods of how to hold and strike/hit the ball. Robert Thames who is the Manager at the Desert Palm Polo Club trained me at the time in December 1999.

Around January I employed a Professional from England, Peter Webb who has a 6 goal handicap. Peter Webb took over my training from Robert Thame from the beginning of January to mid February. In such a short time frame (45-50 days) I made such an improvement that other polo players in the club could not believe I was a “freshman"? in this sport.

Our opponents were Santiago Chevanne, Marcos Heguy and Lolo Castagonla. What an experience, with only 2 months of learning polo, I was playing with some of the best players in the world and at such a high level of Polo.

My Son Habtoor Al Habtoor is a great polo player and I am assuming that Habtoor will have a minimum of a 2 goal handicap. He has the ability and ambition to do so. He will be the next generation and the future of Al Habtoor Polo Organization.

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