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The Habtoor Polo Organisation: Since they met in March 2000, The Brothers Al Habtoor and Justo del Carril have been playing polo together and working to build what today can be recognized as a serious polo Organisation. Del Carril had been playing professional polo since the age of 23 around the world, USA, Canada, Peru, Ecuador, UK, France, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and the UAE, just to name a few.

Heading the Habtoor Polo Organisation is a full time job, and a serious challenge for Justo. It means guiding all the polo playing members if the Al Habtoor family, choosing the mounts for the experienced players like Rashid and Mohamed, teaching their elder sons Tariq and Habtoor to play polo, and the younger ones to ride, getting them ready for the polo field very soon.

This polo Organisation consists of 40 horses, mostly from Argentina, taken care by a head groom, also from Argentina, Luis Vignolles, and 8 grooms, Luis is a polo pony trainer, so in charge of the horses since they are made, traveling with them to Dubai, and heading the barn operations whilst in the UAE. Although the head polo barn is in Dubai Polo Club at Arabian Ranches, the team trailers the horses between the other three polo clubs of the UAE, Desert Palm Polo Club, Plantation and Ghantoot, to play the best possible polo available.

This is also achieved by hiring other professional polo players, such as Fernando Pipi Bourdieu, 6-goal player from Argentina, who played exclusively for the Habtoor Polo Team during the 2007 polo season. Pipi also plays international professional tournaments when not in Dubai, such as in Singapore, Pakistan, Spain and France.

Del Carril has also accompanied The Brothers Al Habtoor to play polo around the world, hiring high goal players such as Alejandro Piki Diaz Alberdi to play 22 goal tournament in the Melbourne Polo Club, the Cartier Polo in Dubai with Adolfo Cambiaso and Lolo Castagnola, Guards Polo Club with Peter Webb and Ryan Pemble and then on to play snow polo in Austria. Rashid has also played in St. Tropez and Paris, at the Chantilly Polo Club.

The Al Habtoor Farm in Al Khawaneej, Dubai is undergoing massive reconstruction to accommodate the polo playing need of the family, with a brand new 50 horse stable, polo field, tennis court, guest houses and a lake, and pastures to turnout the horses during the off season.

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