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The Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club

Located in Dubai near the Emirates Road and the Dubai-Al Ain Road. ‚Äč

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club is due for completion in 2017; it will include a five-star hotel with up to 136 rooms and 162 luxury bungalows, as well as a polo club, a state-of-the-art polo academy, and a riding and dressage school, and 500 stables.

The exclusive 6 million square foot inland development, located in Dubai, is conveniently located next to the Emirates Road and the Dubai-Al Ain Road.

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club will have four world-class polo fields, which will help reinforce Dubai’s role in the world polo circuit. The Polo Academy will be open to riders of all ages and abilities; students will be able to practice a wide range of riding disciplines, including dressage, riding and show jumping.

Mohammed Al Habtoor, Vice-Chairman and CEO said, "The new Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club will be a wonderful addition to the range of world class facilities that both visitors and residents already enjoy. It will also host the most important polo tournaments in the Middle East such as the Silver Cup, Gold Cup and the famous British Polo Day. These tournaments are part of the World Polo Tour, established in 2010 as a 10-goal tournament, but now played as an 18-goal tournament, attracting the attention of the best polo players around the world. We are proud of our heritage in supporting the UAE’s development as an ideal place to live and holiday, and by adding a polo resort to our portfolio we are demonstrating our intent to further enhance the quality and variety of our assets and services."

Habtoor Win McLaren Cup

Defeated Abu Dhabi in extra chukka in thrilling match
Ghantoot took the Subsidiary Cup
February 16, 2013

Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario scored the winning goal in extra chukka to give Habtoor a 10-9 win over Abu Dhabi and the title of the McLaren Cup, following a very tight final that took place at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

Abu Dhabi opened the scores in the first chukka, but the reply from Habtoor came quickly, to take a 2-1 lead, with goals by Guillermo Cuitilo and Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario. Following a goal by Juan José Storni to tie 2-2, Habtoor's attack broke down their rival's defense, and finish the first chukka with a 3-2 lead.

Habtoor put much pressure on Abu Dhabi during the second chukka, but Faris Al Yabhouni's team made a comeback in the second chukka, when the scores were leveled at 6-all.

A very tough fourth chukka followed, as both teams put on a fantastic offensive work, despite Habtoor had a slight advantage. With a minute remaining, Habtoor was leading 9-8, but that was when Abu Dhabi scored to send the match into extra chukka.

Within a minute in extra chukka, Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario picks a missing ball, and run to the goalposts, to score the goal that gave Mohammed Al Habtoor's team not only the 10-9 win, but also the title of the McLaren Cup,

Prior to the final, Ghantoot met Bin Drai to play for the Subsidiary. Ali Al Merri's foursome took control of the match and the score, led by a fantastic Facundo Sola, and won 6-2,5. Bin Drai had Nito Uranga filling in for Salvador Ulloa.

The award ceremony, led by His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario was named MVP Pro, while the MVP Amateur Award went to Faris Al Yabhouni. Overa took BPP honors.


After four years we finally won the McLaren Cup. We worked really hard today, I thought we would beat them by around two goals, but they made a good comeback and put some pressure on us. But we did our best and we deserved to win, we worked hard as well as we'd been in the lead most of the match.

This is the fourth game we won in extra chukka, but I've always had the feelings that we were going to win. It was a tough game and in the fifth chukka they had the chance to win it, but they missed a goal but fortunately I was behing and put the ball off the goal line. When Ezequiel scored the goal it was really amazing, I couldn´t belive we finally won the McLaren Cup


It was really hard, it was just pure heart. We won all four games in extra chukka, but that was it, we won, and we are happy to take the McLaren Cup. But this is how games are. The most important thing is that we all get along really well in the team, and that works very good in all the matches. I can't tell how happy I was when I saw I scored the winning goal!!!!

It was a very strange match; we took the lead at first, but we failed in the next chukkas. Fortunately, we could win in over time. I guess we have moments when we lose concentration, but I can tell you that won't happen in the Gold Cup. For sure we will play the next competition much more relaxed, but we still are looking much forward to win the Gold Cup.

Habtoor Polo Wins The KBL Dubai Polo Gold Cup 2012
Beat Bin Drai in a big final
March 9, 2012

Mohammed’s Al Habtoor team won The KBL Dubai Polo Gold Cup by defeating Bin Drai by six goals to five after a fantastic game. The Subsidiary Cup was won by Abu Dhabi who defeated Mahra by seven goals to five.
With their intensity increasing match by match during the tournament, Habtoor Polo showed today their fantastic skills in a tough final against Bin Drai that gave them the championship.
The meeting of Habtoor and Bin Drai was very balanced, in a very tough match that showed a 2-all in the first chukker of play. Habtoor Polo took control of the match in the second chukker, and went to a 5-2 lead in the third period.
Bin Drai made a spectacular comeback in the fourth chukker, with three unanswered goals, including a great shot by Juan José Brané, which leveled the score at 5-all with only 30 seconds to go in regulation time.
That was when Habtoor's lethal weapon, Guillermo Cuitiño, the tournament's top scorer ran to the goalposts, and with only two seconds remaining, scored the goal that secured the Gold Cup for Mohammed Al Habtoor and his boys.
Habtoor's Ignacio Acuña was named MVP, and Crack, owned by Mohammed Al Habtoor and played by Francisco Elizalde, took BPP honors.
Mohammed Al Habtoor
I still can't believe it, for three years, I tried and I tried, and here it is, the results of hard work for the team and the horses I bought to win this tournament. All the players put their heart into this tournament, it's really great.
About the match, I can tell you that we made a couple of mistakes when we were leading 5-3. But I knew we were ready to play an extra chukker, because we had our best horses ready for it. We were lucky; Guillermo scored the winning goal with only two seconds to go. It was fantastic, the only thing I could do in that moment was go to the ponyline, take the flag and run like crazy!!!!
Guillermo Cuitiño has been playing with us for the last three years, both in England and Dubai. He is a person who lives polo, it is his passion. He supported me and the tournament, and helped the team a lot. I trust him when he gives me an advice about horses. About John Horswell, he's been a great help for us, he did everything to organize us as a team, and made sure that everyone of us knew exactly what to do.
Thanks to the live broadcast by PoloLine TV, my friends in California woke up a 3am just to watch the match. They sent me photos and messages telling me they were watching the match through PoloLine TV, which is great for people who want to see polo and they can't travel for many reasons. And my message is to thank all the people who came to see the tournament, not only because my team plays but also because they are showing interest in Dubai and the polo of the Dubai Gold Cup. We're planning next year's tournament, that will be at 16-goal. It's only one goal, but it's a lot for us, because we want to have players like Nachi Heguy, who give a higher level to this tournament.
Now we're about to organize with Guillermo to play a couple of 15, 18 goal tournament in England, I will decide which ones in the next two weeks. I will organize the team with Guillermo, Fran (Elizalde), and a 1-goaler.
Guillermo Cuitino
It's great to have won this tournament, it's the third year we played, and we never could win it; now, we finally did it. The first thing I thought when I scored the winning goal in OT was in my kids, my family. I'm very happy, for me it was one of the happiest moments in my life.
About the match, we did know that Bin Drai was going to be hard, that this game was not going to be that easy. I think we've been lucky. And I am very thankful to Mohammed, who always believed in me, who supported me, followed my advice and trusted me enough to let me choose the players to form the team. It was a lot of work to choose the players, the horses, but we are happy, we got it.
Now, we're going to England with Mohammed, to play 18-goal. I hope we can go to St. Tropez, so Mohammed, if you see it; we can go to St. Tropez. Oh, but definitely, we're going to England to represent Habtoor once again.
This tournament means everything to Mohammed, he had worked hard during three years to make a big competition as the Gold Cup is, and now he had his reward. His idea is making the Gold Cup as one of the world's best tournaments.

Today, June 19th is the final day of the hard fought Al Habtoor Royal Windsor, sponsored by Al Habtoor Group Chairman Mr Khalaf Al Habtoor. A large crowd flocked to Guards Polo club from all corners of the world to witness this prestigous final, and also to see the Queen who is the Patron of the tournament. This is the most competitive 15 Goal Polo tournament of the Uk season, with over 25 teams competing for three weeks. The finalists this afternoon, will be Cowdray Polo club's Salkeld, against Black Bears.

To open proceedings, the Al Habtoor family played an Exhibition Match, featuring the Al Habtoor brothers, Rashid and Mohammed, their sons Tariq and Habtoor along side world famous proffesionals the Pieres brothers, Gonzolito and Facundo, Marcos Araya and Guillermo Cutino. Always competitive there was a great deal of banter between the brothers, who Mohammed Al Habtoor s team ran out the winners, 7 goals to 6 and a half.

The Al Habtoor brothers have been prolific promoters of polo throughout the middle east, and have raised the bar for Dubai polo since the launch of the Dubai Gold Cup in 2009. The tournament has gone from strength to strength, to become a internationally renowned Polo fixture. The Habtoor s support of Guards polo is indicative to the family's passion and commitment to the sport.


Today, June 18th all eyes were on Berkshire, with the last day of the Ascot season disgorging equestrian fans into the neighbouring surroundings where many flocked to the annual Pro-Alvear Tournament at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club to see eight teams battle it out in a round robin format, to be crowned Pro Alvear Champions.

Top players from all around the world come together to support the charity, founded by renown polo player Juan Pepa.

Mohammed al Habtoor captaining the All Saints Spitalfields team, and demonstrating his prowess with multiple goals in the first match against Team Gaucho. Al Habtoor played seamlessly with 10 goaler Facundo Pieres convincingly winning the first game 4-1 with Mohammed converting 2 of the Goals.

The second Game against Team Generation, captained by Gonzolito Pieres would decide the teams for the final. The play was end to end polo, but without score at half time.

The second half generation scored first but all saints were quick to reply. Mohahammed put away another Goal and finally ran out winners by 3 goal s to 1.

The final versus automat, a repeat of the previous year, was hard fought the beginning, and Mohammed came out all guns blazing, scoring two quick goals, partnering well with Fucundo Pieres .

Automat turned up the pace but could not capitalise, until there was only a minute remaining. Automat then pushed the ball dangerously in front of our goal, but the final whistle stopped play, all Saints therefore this years Champions.


Habtoor Polo were given a difficult quarter final match up facing the undefeated Salkeld team. The Habtoor team knew they would certainly have to be at their best if they were to reach the semi finals.

The game started out in a frantic manner with both teams coming out intent on gaining the upper hand. It was Habtoor Polo who took an early lead when Habtoor Al Habtoor broke clear and won a penalty which Guillermo Cutino duly converted. The team then swapped penalties with Cutino scoring for Habtoor and Jose Donoso scoring 2 for Salkeld. An individual bit of brilliance from the impressive Donoso gave Salkeld a 3-2 lead at the end of the first chukka. The second Chukka started in the same way the first finished, with both teams jostling for superiority. It was the Habtoor team whose positive and more determined play started to pay dividends. Cutino again converting a 30 yard penalty tying the score at 3, the least the Habtoor team deserved.

The third chukka saw Habtoor Polo rewarded for there aggression with another penalty for Cutino and Araya putting them 5-3 up. A long injury delay seemed to knock the Habtoor team off there stride and when play finally resumed it was Salkeld who took the upper hand reducing the deficit to 5-4 at the end of the third.

The fourth chukka began excellently for Salkeld and they pushed hard for an equaliser and were rewarded with a 30 yyard penalty which Donoso converted. Habtoor Al Habtoor nearly restored the lead with an excellent full length effort but narrowly missed. Neither team could then gain a lead in what proved to be a very stop start chukka.

The fifth chukka started with a 60 yard penalty for Habtoor Polo but what proved to be the fourth 60 yard miss for them would be quickly punished by Salkeld. They took full advantage and got in front 6-5. But no sooner had Salkeld got the lead, Habtoor drew level. Habtoor Al Habtoor broke through and was fouled as he was about to score, the umpires awarding a penalty goal, 6-6. But this was not to be the end of the scoring, with 1:50 to go in the chukka Salkeld again took the lead after some sloppy play by the Habtoor team. Again, Habtoor Polo were not to be denied, Cutino making up for his early penalty miss with a superb individual goal, 7-7 with 45 seconds to go. Neither team could find an opening in the remaining time sending the game into sudden death extra chukka.

The extra chukka began tightly with both team playing hard and very physical in the middle of the field. A contentious penalty was awarded to Salkeld in the centre. The ball was lofted towards the Habtoor goal and as a goal seemed certain opposing horses collided knocking down the goal. After a brief consultation the umpires awarded a penalty goal to Salkeld and the game 8-7 winners. The Habtoor team battled hard and Salkeld will be one of the favoured teams for the title.


Mohammed Habtoor s Team reached the final of the polo in the Park tournament, with a 12 8 victory over team Moscow. The hurlingham club was packed out with a sell out crowd on the second day of the polo in the park exhibition match with over 20,000 people.

Mohammed Habtoor, representing Abu Dhabi and was victorious yesterday over the city am Team, and now they are firm favorites to win the entire tournament. Strong from start, the maestro Piki Alberdy In unbelievable form demonstrated he Is one of the worlds best players scoring goals in every direction. Andrea Vianini also playing for team Abu Dhabi never let up either bringing the score to 7-4 at half Time.

Mohammed Habtoor, the only non professional of the tournament has adapted quickly to this new type of polo, and by the end of the third chukka, Abu Dhabi had a 10-5 lead. Despite a quick goal from team Moscow in the forth, Abu Dhabi kept control of the game, and to seal their place Mohammed put away an acute angled backhand which brought the final score to 12-8.


Mohammed Al Habtoor represented Abu Dhabi in London today in the opening day of the Hurlingham club s world famous polo in the park tournament. A large crowd basked in the London sunshine in what is sure to be a great exhibition of polo.

Polo in the Park has developed a new concept for Polo simplifying the rules to make a spectator friendly tournament.

Piki Alberdy delighted the crowd with vivacious play ploughing through the opposition players and scoring goals from every direction.

Mohammed Habtoor, making his debut in Polo in the Park, is the only non professional player in the tournament, held bashing away the reigning Polo in the park champions from the ball and numerous attacks on goal.

The Abu Dhabi Team, Mohammed Al Habtoor, Andrea Vianini, and Piki Diaz Alberdy ran away with a 12 - 8 victory against the Celebrity all professional team City Am, Jack Kidd, Ex english Polo Captain Henry Brett and Jamie Morrisson owner of the Royal County of berkshire Polo Club. Despite this , our team delighted the crowd and won the support of the London crowd. Victory today will ensure a place in the final on Sunday.


Mohammed Al Habtoor represented the Uae in London as patron of team Abu Dhabi in the finals of Mint polo in the park tournament and stormed to an 8 4 victory over an all Argentine Buenos Aired team. The high profile exhibition matches have attracted over 30,000 people over the last 3 days.

Juan Cruz Guevera, playing for The Buenos Aires was confident before the game for the Argentine team, but Abu Dhabi were the team in form, and had dominated their other games on Friday and Saturday.

Mohammed Al Habtoor was set to mark four goal professional Oscar Mancini a seasoned professional but he was confident with his Team of Andrea Vianini and Piki Diaz Alberdy has the skill and the experience to win.

The tension before the final was really building and everyone was expecting a tough game. Argentina fought hard but Abu Dhabi were stronger to come off 3 0 ahead

Chukka two was sure to be a battle and the rain started to pour. The argentine s had some long shots at Goal but were just missing the mark. Piki was bashing through all the other players and won a two pointer to take us ahead to 5-0.

The argentines then scored to make it 5 1 . Mohammed then put in a massive strike from way out to gain two more points taking our lead to 7 1 . Chukka three both teams fought hard but deputed scoring a goal Abu Dhabi went on to the last chukka grad 8 2

The last chukka we were confidently heading towards victory. Despite putting in two goal s in vain, it was all over for the Buenos Aires team.

The rain could not dampen the spirits of the victorious Abu Dhabi. With Mohammed the only non professional scoring 4 goals of the teams 8 goals .


Royal Windsor Tournament - Al Habtoor Vs Clarita Black

Six of the top polo players in the world to play in Dubai at the first ever High Goal Exhibition match

Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2011

 GCC Polo Cup - June 16th

 Mohammad leads Al Habtoor to easy win

 Al Habtoor & Ivan The Terrible polo teams clash in a brilliant final

Queen Elizabeth to present Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup today

Brothers Mohammad and Rashid Al Habtoor led the Al Habtoor Polo Team to a convincing 5

QUEENS CUP 2009 - Al Habtoor Team Enter Queen's Cup Quarters

 Habtoor beats Les Lions II

Habtoor Polo Team wins debut match                                                                                      

The debut game of The Queens Cup 2009 was played at Guards Polo Club, under challenging weather that went from pouring rain to sunshine several times throughout the game, testing the players' ultimate talents.
After an extremely close and breathtaking match to the last second, Habtoor Polo Team defeated Talandracas 10 to 9 with a goal of Alejandro "Piki" Diaz Alberdi in additional chukker/sudden death.
The Al Habtoor Polo team entered the last chukker 7 to 9 under, and only evened the score 9-9 with two minutes remaining, forcing the extra chukker and well deserved victory.
Rashid Al Habtoor had a great performance and scored two goals for his team.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                      


The Queens Cup is one of the longest established polo tournaments at Guards Polo Club. HM The Queen first presented the trophy in 1960and it has remained one of the most competitive and high caliber competitions throughout the world. Previous holders of the impressive trophy include HRH The Prince of Wales with the Diables Bleus team, Urs Schwarzenbach and his Black Bears squad and Adolfo Cambiaso, who won the title five times: Rick Stowe’s Geebung and Loro Piana winning once, Kerry Packers’s Ellerston team now run by son Jamie are the current holders having won a total of three times.

The Queen’s Cup is the largest European open polo tournament in the polo calendar and held every year at Guards Polo Club and regularly attended by Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip.

The Queens Cup is the premier high-goal tournament to be played at Guards Polo Club, Smith’s Lawn. It attracts the world’s leading teams and internationally renowned players; household names from the world of polo jet in just to play for their patrons in The Queens Cup.

In 2008, for the first time the Al Habtoor name was proudly associated with the highly competitive and prestigious Royal Windsor Cup. This year Al Habtoor Polo is taking it one step further, and will be competing in one of the most prestigious high goal tournaments of the UK season and indeed the world, The Harcourt Development Queens Cup. With the most competitive teams in the world, some of the finest polo ponies, and the most beautiful grounds, it promises to be a thrilling experience.

Rashid Al Habtoor, and Habtoor Polo will be in front line and eyes of the Polo world with one set in mind, winning the Queens Cup Trophy.


AL HABTOOR POLO TEAM AT THE QUEENS CUP                                                                            

Rashid Al Habtoor (0)
Alejandro Diaz – Alberdi (8)
Alejandro Mussio (8)
Nacho Gonzalez (6)

Rashid Al Habtoor:
CEO and President of Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises, and the son of Khalaf Al Habtoor.  He graduated from George Washington University and established his own business in 1995.  He has been a part of various charities involved with Christies and was the first to bring the Flying Hospital to Dubai.  Rashid is on the Board of the Sheik Zayed University technical committee and Chairman of the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.  He is an avid and devoted player, having played in Spain, Germany, Austria, Brazil, France, Australia, and England.  Starting his polo career in 1990’s with Ali Albawardy, patron of Dubai Polo team he soon became a major enthusiast of the sport and started building up Habtoor Polo, now one of the leading polo organisation in the UAE.  He has over the years helped build up polo across the UAE, bringing Beach Polo to Dubai for the first time in 2003 attracting scores of local and international spectators. Always striving to generate publicity and awareness for the sport, he is constantly inviting many overseas teams to participate in Charity and exhibition games at his home club.  His passion for the sport has meant he has become a leading ambassador for polo in the UAE, and is extremely proud to be leading such a competitive team on to the field, for this year’s Queens Cup. His future vision for polo across the UAE is for it to attract as many fans, sponsors, oversees professionals as possible, and a new generation of polo players to be inspired.


Alejandro (Pikki) Diaz – Alberdi (8)
One of the greatest exports from Argentina, Pikki Diaz-Alberdi has won nearly all of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. In a career spanning two decades his accolades include, The Argentine Open, with Indios Chapalafu 2, The British Open Gold Cup, The Queens Cup, The Prince of Wales Trophy, The US Open, St Moritz and many many more. Widely respected by the polo world, he is one of the true greats.

Alejandro Muzzio (8)

Alejandro Muzzio is one of Argentina’s most promising young players. Already achieving a handicap of 8 goals, and playing on the international circuit. His reputation is building, and last years victory’s in the UK include the highly competitive Duke of Sunderland Trophy. He has also won the Sotogrande Gold Cup, and The Ellerston Gold Cup in Australia. He also competes in La Camera in Buenos Aries, and various other tournaments.

Nacho Gonzales (6), 33yrs

Nacho s first major victory was at the young age of 17 in 1993, when teamed with Pikki Diaz-Alberdi, together they won The British Open Gold Cup at Cowdray Park, and the following year reached the finals. He has represented England on countless occasions, both at the Cartier, and Internationally. His many high goal victories include, The Gold Cup, The Prince of Wales Trophy, The Deauville Gold Cup, and St Moritz. His medium goal career contains trophys from The Royal Windsor, The Harrison, The Eduardo Moore, The County Cup and many more. He also holds an arena handicap of 9 goals, and has won the prestigious Arena Gold Cup and HPA Nations Cup on numerous occasions.


The Harcourt Developments Queen’s Cup 2009


League One: El Remanso: George Hanbury (1); Jaime Huidobro (8); Lolo Castagnola (9); Tom de Bruin (4). La Bamba de Areco: Jean-Francois Decaux (0); Gonzalito Pieres (10); Facundo Pieres (10); Tomas Garbarini (1). Ravensbourne: Adrian Kirby (1); Nicolas Pieres (6); Pite Merlos (9); Fred Mannix jnr (6). Sumaya: Ahmed Aboughazale (1); Hilario Ulloa (7); Milo Fernandez Araujo (8); Ignus Du Plessis (6).

League Two: Azzura: George Meyrick (4); Bautista Heguy (9); Marcos Heguy (9); Stefano Marsaglia (0). Habtoor: Rashid Al Habtoor (0); Alejandro Muzzio (8); Piki Alberdi (8); Nacho Gonzalez (6). Les Lions ll: Chris Mackenzie (2); Agustin Merlos (9); Sebastian Merlos (10); Max Gottschalk (1). Talandracas: Edouard Carmignac (0); Guillermo Terrera (7); Alejandro Agote (7); Lucas Monteverde (8).

League Three: Broncos: Max Routledge (3); Santiago Chavanne (8); Pablo MacDonough (10); George Milford Haven (1). Les Lions l: Francisco Elizalde (4); Ignacio Heguy (9); Eduardo Heguy (9); Joachim Gottschalk (0). Enigma: Jerome Wirth (1); James Beim (7); Matias MacDonough (8); Malcolm Borwick (6). Salkeld: Jose Donoso (7); Marcos Di Paola (8); Rob Archibald (6); Nick Clarke (1).

Group 1: Apes Hill: Charlie Hanbury (3), Mark Tomlinson (6), Juan Gris Zavaleta (6), Luke Tomlinson (7). Billingbear Park: Roger Carlsson (0); Gaston Laulhe (7); Ruki Baillieu (7); Jean Paul Clarkin (8). Dubai: Ali Albwardy (1); Christian Laprida (7); Adolfo Cambiaso (10); Martin Valent (4). Lechuza Caracas: Victor Vargas (1); Guillermo Casset (8); Miguel Novillo Astrada (9); Juan Carlos Harriet (4). Loro Piana/Fise: Alessandro Santucci (0); Alfio Marchini (3); Juan Martin Nero (10); David Stirling (9). Zacara: Thomas Meyrick (1); Ignacio Toccalino (7); Eduardo Novillo Astrada (9); Santiago Laborde (5).

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